Clinical Informatics/CISR (HICCC)

Overview of Services

The mission of the Clinical Informatics Shared Resource (CISR) is to provide the infrastructure for cancer center clinical trial management and provide informatics resources and services to the cancer research community at Columbia University. To fulfill this mission, we offer a secure and user friendly Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) for the management, automation and data collection for HICCC clinical trials, cohort studies, medical care data, and other clinical databases. The CISR supports and maintains a commercially available CTMS called Velos, which houses information on every cancer clinical trial including all data necessary for NCI reporting of Data Tables 3 and 4 and CTRP. The CISR supports the needs of the Center by providing the software and user training for the management and day-to-day operation of all cancer clinical trials. The CISR’s software runs on servers that are housed in a state of the art server room to optimize system security and data integrity. The CISR is comprised of 4.5 employees with over 88 combined years of experience in management, system database design and maintenance, clinical trials management, and user IT support for oncology study teams.


Nick Tatonetti, Ph.D
Director for Clinical Informatics
PH 20

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Shared Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
Janie Weiss
Manager of Clinical Informatics
1 646 317 0536
Ph 18-200
Debra Hairston
Velos Database Coordinator
1 646 317-0541
PH 18-200
Ben May
Senior Research Analyst
1 646 317-0538
PH 18-200
Matthew Paulson, MPH
Clinical Research Information Systems Manager
1 212 305-7670
PH 18-200