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Advance Instrument Engineering & Development group will design, build and tests commercially unavailable instruments, tools, and software. The team will enable unique experimental methods and will directly contribute to high-performance research. We will listen to researchers and learn about their needs and will share ideas. We will collaborate with ZMBBI and all CU researchers throughout the process--from concept to completion. The Facility will continuously improve its design engineering and manufacturing capability to allow rapid and cost effective delivery of functional solutions. In all cases, the Facility's philosophy is to collaborate closely with the research community to understand the problem to be solved. We believe that the synergy between life science and engineering will bring about next generation solutions. We will support the shared use of equipment and software by all interested ZMBBI researchers. The future Facility's services will span a broad range of requirements, from the production of individual components that support a researcher's design, to complete system solutions developed in partnership with research. The group will have complementary skills spanning mechanical, electrical, and optical engineering including manufacturing. The Facility's goal is to provide in-house solutions to assist the researcher through a complete life cycle of system development. The Facility of Advance Instrument Engineering & Development group will have a complete workshop for electronics, mechanical assembly; development assembling and testing of the complete systems. The Facility will also have a metrology and optics lab, suitable for quality assessments of fabricated parts. The Facility will operate a staffed central machine and fabrication shop which will utilize numerous manufacturing tools including computer numerical control (CNC) machinery with enhanced functions, 3D printing capabilities for rapid prototyping and laser cutting. The Facility also will support a satellite machine and fabrication shop that will operated by and for the researchers themselves, after they complete a short training course. This "self-service" capability should speeds up many smaller tasks, for those who are comfortable working with the equipment.


Tanya Tabachnik
Director of Advanced Instrumentation Core
Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute Columbia University
Phone: 212-853-0472
Cell phone : 609-851-2135
Skype ID: ttabachnik
Email: tt2564@columbia.edu

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Jerome L. Greene Science Center
3227 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

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  1. Advanced Instrumentation Internal Website
  2. Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute Columbia University
  3. Janelia Research Campus



Name Role Phone Email Location
Tanya Tabachnik
212-853-0472, 609-851-2135
Rick Hormigo
Electronics Engineer

Chaim Sallah

Patricia McKelvin
Platforms Administrator