Animal Facilities (Institute of Comparative Medicine)

Overview of Services

The mission of the ICM is to ensure the humane care of animals used in approved research and to support medical research teams in the development of new treatments for diseases. The ICM has veterinary specialists, including the attending veterinarian (AV), who are certified by the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM), who direct the care and manage the health and welfare of animals at Columbia. They are assisted by clinical veterinarians and by other veterinary and animal care professionals.


Dr. Brian Karolewski VMD, PhD, DACLAM is the Director of the ICM and AV. 

Dr. Rivka Shoulson DVM, MPH, DACLAM is an Associate Director of ICM at CUIMC.

Location and hours of operation

ICM main office 650 W. 168th Street Black Building 1810 New York, NY 10032, 8a-4pm

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ICM Directory


Name Role Phone Email Location
Andrea C. Hubbard
Assistant Director of ICM
BB 1810
Rivka Shoulson
Associate Director
BB 1810