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Overview of Services

  • The Zuckerman Institute Virology Core (ZIVIROLOGY) is a full-service viral vector production organization that provides ZI investigators access to state-of-the-art vector technology for preclinical studies and other basic research applications.
  • We will provide internal pricing structures for ZI faculty and Columbia University investigators that will significantly decrease costs currently incurred from purchasing via external viral vector cores.
  • On-site same day pick up will be available for in-stock catalog items means no waiting weeks for shipments.
  • The staff will provide expert consultation services for advanced study design, safe use of viral vector technologies and viral construction services for multiple viral vector types.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM- 6:00 PM      

3227 Broadway, L3.017 JLG

New York, NY 10027

Links and Resources

  1. Zuckerman Institute External Website
  2. Zuckerman Institute Internal Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Tanya Tabachnik
Co-Director of Scientific Platforms
(212) 853-0472
L3.008 JLG
Darcy Peterka
Co-Director of Scientific Platforms
(212) 853 1124
L3.007 JLG
David Ng
Custom Genetic Access Tools
(212) 853 1001
L3 Quad A JLG
Susan Brenner-Morton
Antibody Services
(212) 853 1001
L3 Quad A JLG
Katie Balaguer
(212) 853 1247
L3-Quad A
Patricia McKelvin
Business Manager
(212) 853-1101
L3.008A, JLG

Virus Catalog

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