Flow Cytometry (Columbia Stem Cell Initiative)

Overview of Services

CSCI Flow Cytometry is a comprehensive flow cytometry shared resource lab that offers the Columbia University community and external users access to high-end flow cytometry, cell sorting, and supporting instrumentation.


Our core facility is home to the following instruments: 


  • Two 20-parameter BD SORP FACSAria cell sorters
  • A 14-parameter Sony MA900 cell sorter
  • A 30-parameter Bio-Rad ZE5 cell analyzer
  • A 30-parameter NovoCyte Penteon cell analyzer (Quanteon will be uprgaded to the 5-laser Penteon in December 2021)
  • A 12-parameter Luminex ImageStreamX MkII imaging cytometer
  • A Luminex-200 bead-based protein and nucleic acid multiplexed assay system
  • An Applied Biosystems QuantiStudio 7 Flex real-time qPCR system


We offer both assisted and self-service sorting and a full training program for the flow cytometer analyzers and the flow cytometer sorters.

CSCI Flow Cytometry also offers technical assistance for experimental design, troubleshooting and data analysis to support users during the entire process of a flow cytometry experiment.


Please refer to our CSCI Flow Cytometry User Guide for guidance to get started using our services.


You can use our Fluorofinder site for multicolor panel design.


FY2022 Rates can be found here.



Dr. Emmanuelle Passegué | Director

Email: ep2828@cumc.columbia.edu


Michael Kissner | Director of Operations                                         
Email: mdk2108@cumc.columbia.edu                     
Phone: 212-305-2561 (lab) 914-715-8765 (mobile)


Rose Gordon-Schneider | Flow Cytometry Specialist                                         
Email: rmg2207@cumc.columbia.edu


Jangho Lee| Flow Cytometry Specialist                                         
Email: jl6137@cumc.columbia.edu


Location and hours of operation

Hours Open 


Vagelos Physicians & Surgeons Building

630 W. 168thStreet

Room 11511

New York, NY 10032








Name Role Phone Email Location
Michael Kissner
Director of Operations
212-305-2561 (lab) 914-715-8765 (mobile)
P&S 11511
Rose Gordon-Schneider
Flow Cytometrist
212-305-2561 (lab)
P&S 11511
Jangho Lee
Flow Cytometrist
P&S 11511

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