Zuckerman Institute: Cellular Imaging

Overview of Services

The Cellular Imaging platform aims to enhance discovery within the Zuckerman Institute by providing access to cutting-edge imaging technology. Our goal is to offer a combination of both commercial platforms and not-yet commercialized technologies that enable innovative research centered around structural and functional imaging.

Available resources include:

  • AZ100 Slide Scanner - high-throughput fluorescence and brightfield slide scanning microscope, capacity for 200 slides, ~15 minutes/slide
  • Ultramicroscope II light sheet microscope - for imaging cleared samples, optimized for DBE based clearing
  • Nikon inverted A1R confocal - galvo and resonant laser scanning confocal for live and fixed imaging in tissue and cells
  • Zeiss upright LSM 880 confocal with Airyscan
  • Zeiss upright LSM 710 confocal
  • W1-Yokogawa inverted spinning disk confocal - high-speed high-sensitivity confocal microscope optimized for imaging tissue sections and live samples
  • W1-SoRa-Yokogawa inverted spinning disk confocal - high-speed high-sensitivity confocal super-resolution microscope for rapid imaging at resolutions up to 120nm lateral resolution.
  • Bruker Vutara VXL - single-molecule localization instrument capable of imaging in tissue and cells
  • Thorlabs Bergamo II Multiphoton Microscope
  • High-performance image analysis workstations - including Aivia, Imaris, NIS-Elements, and custom workflows for ImageJ/Fiji

Learn more about the instruments and software capabilities of Cellular Imaging and how they can enable and accelerate your research below:




Getting Started

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Links and Resources


Cellular Imaging Internal Website


Darcy Peterka | Scientific Director | 212-853-1124 | dp2403@columbia.edu | L3-007
Luke Hammond | Director | lh2881@columbia.edu | L3-007


It is essential to properly acknowledge your use of the Cellular Imaging platform in your work and publications. Acknowledgment allows us to demonstrate the platform's contribution to research, helps us justify ongoing costs and secure future funding for new instruments and technology to further support your research. 

If your publication makes use of the platform for image acquisition, analysis, or support, please use a general statement in the acknowledgments section, such as below:

     "Imaging was performed with support from the Zuckerman Institute's Cellular Imaging platform." or "We would like to thank Zuckerman Institute's Cellular Imaging platform for instrument use and technical advice.
The UltraMicroscopeII light sheet microscope was funded by an NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant (S10). If this instrument has been used in your publication, please remember to acknowledge this funding specifically. For example:
     "Imaging was performed with support from the Zuckerman Institute's Cellular Imaging platform, and the National Institute of Health (NIH 1S10OD023587-01)."
Additionally, if Cellular Imaging staff have made significant contributions to your publication, they should be acknowledged in the acknowledgments or by co-authorship, depending on the level of intellectual contribution.

Location and hours of operation

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 24/7 for trained users

3227 Broadway
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Darcy Peterka
Scientific Director
Luke Hammond

Imaging Associate