Human Immune Monitoring (HICCC)


Vectra (multiplex tissue imaging with spectral microscopy)

  • 6 markers + DAPI + AF
  • Standard human panels
    • Solid Tumor Immunology: CD4, CD8, CD20, FoxP3, CD68, panCK
    • Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte: CD4, CD8, CD20, FoxP3, CD45RO, panCK
  • Custom services

NanoString (rapid RNAseq, frozen tissue & FFPE compatible)

  • Standard "ready-to-run" samples
  • Full services

10x Genomics (single-cell RNAseq)

  • General gene expression profiling (scRNAseq)
  • Paired α/β scTCRseq/scBCRseq
  • high-parametric surface marker characterization (CITEseq)
  • After-hour services and self-services avaialble

Cytek Aurora (high-parametric spectral cytometry)

  • 25+ biological markers

MSD (cytokine analysis)


Benjamin Izar, MD, PhD, Director

Contact Us

  • Main Office: PS17-510 (630 W 168th St)
  • Cytometry & Single Cell Analysis: PS17-514 (630 W 168th St)
  • Multiplex Tissue Analysis: VC15-205 (622 W 168th St)


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