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Novel focal irradiation system for small animals with on-board CBCT guidance capability.

Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP 200): SARRP 200 is a small animal irradiator with cone beam CT capability and treatment planning software that allows for 3D-CT based planning of radiation plan.  The software has a capability to fuse DICOM images from other imaging modalities, such as MRI, to help assist with treatment planning. 

The deployment of advanced technologies and the translation of laboratory discoveries into human treatment must be supported by rigorous preclinical studies. Preclinical studies of new radiation treatment methods, however, have been difficult due to the technological disparity between the simple methods used for laboratory animal irradiation and those for advanced human treatment.

SARRP is a specialized precise radiation delivery systems equipped with on-board CT guidance to facilitate precise positioning and deliver radiation to a localized region in laboratory mice and rats and sparing healthy tissue.

The scale of the problem can be appreciated when one considers that the brain of the mouse is approximately 1 cm wide and that the structures of interest within the brain are often less than 1 mm in at least one dimension.

The SARRP 200 is located in the Center for Radiological Research. The operators of the facility provide users with guidance for safe and efficient sample exposure, as well as consultation related to experimental design. Furthermore, the Facility is operated in close association with the Radiation Safety Department to insure compliance with relevant governmental regulatory agencies.


Kunal Chaudhary, M.S., PhD
(646) 853-0433

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Monday - Friday  9:00-5:00 PM

630 W 168th Street, VC11-201

New York, NY 10032

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Kunal Chaudhary, M.S., PhD
Director SARRP
(646) 853-0433
630 W 168th Street, VC11-201 New York, NY 10032