Zuckerman Institute: Flow Cytometry

Overview of Services

The flow cytometry platform enables researchers to identify and sort specific cells of interest, based on fluorescent labels and light scatter properties of the individual cells, at a rate of thousands per second. 

There are an ever widening array of fluorescent probes for cells including molecularly introduced fluorescent proteins to label specific gene activity, antibodies for cell surface and internal antigens, fluorescent markers for cell activation, viability, proliferation, and more.

The Flow Cytometry Core's range of capabilities include sorting up to 6 defined populations of cells simultaneously, filling your collection tubes with millions of cells or depositing a single cell into each well of a 384 well plate.


Director of Flow Cytometry and Senior Science Officer - Ira Schieren - is104@columbia.edu

Location and hours of operation

Staffed hours  Location

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Facilities available 24/7 for trained and certified users

Jerome L. Greene Science Center on the 8th floor, Quad A, Room number: L8-010.  


 Links and Resources


Internal web page - https://internal.zi.columbia.edu/content/flow-cytometry 

Please contact Ira Schieren is104@columbia.edu to discuss your flow cytometry needs.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Ira Schieren
Director of Flow Cytometry and Senior Science Officer