Digital and Computational Pathology Laboratory/DCPL (Pathology and Cell Biology)

Overview of Services

Established in 2018 through a partnership with New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the Department of Pathology & Cell Biology Digital and Computational Pathology Laboratory (DCPL) is located at PH1582. With a mission to facilitate the basic, translational and clinical research in pathology, the DCPL specializes in slide digital image acquisition, web-based image management, and quantitative image analysis. The DCPL is equipped with two cutting-edge Aperio whole slide scanners:  Aperio AT2 scanner for high-throughput and high resolution (40X) bright-field imaging, and Aperio Versa 8 fluorescence scanner for multiplex applications ranging from UV to near Infrared.  The DCPL uses Aperio eSM for data management & remote sharing. For advanced quantitative image analysis, the DCPL provides stations for consultation and training using: Aperio Imagescope, HALO (including HALO AI), Visiopharm and Qupath.  


Kevin Gardner | DCPL Director | 212-304-7673 |

Zhong Wang | Data Analyst | 212-305-0663 |

Ambar Caban | Lab Assistant | 212-305-0663 |

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm                    

630 West 168 Street

New York, NY, 10032

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Ambar Caban
Lab Assistant
PH 15-1582
Zhong Wang
Data Analyst
PH 15-1582
Maria Kouimanis
Financial Analyst
212 342-2202
PH 15-1564E


630 West 168th Street PH West 15-1582 New York, NY 10032 United States